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Good news, the Energyconciërge is able to visit you!

the Energyconciërge visits your house and gives you free advice and LED lamps

Here's The Good News!

Our Energyconciërge is able to visit you again! Because of the coronavirus it wasn't possible for the Energyconciërge to visit your house and help you to lower your energybill. But now the restrictions are relaxing a little bit, it is possible to make an appointment again.

When you make an appointment with the Energyconciërge

  • He or she comes to visit you at home.
  • Gives you advice how to reduce your energy-use.
  • Gives you free materials to enable you to use less energy, like ledlamps for saving electricity and a new shower head for saving water.

This help is for free

The Energyconciërge is only in de Fauststraat in the month of July. Please contact us for an appointment.

We work safely

To lower the danger of Corona we work according a safety-protocol that is also used by Woonmensen. This means:

  • The Energyconciërge asks you before his visit if you have corona-related symptoms, such as fever, coughing and difficulty breathing. Also mild symptoms similar to a cold like a runny/stuffy nose, sore throat, cough and headache, have to be mentioned.
  • He or she keeps a distance of 1,5 meters during his visit.
  • The Energyconciërge washes hands before and after the visit.

Win a 25 euro voucher!

Do you want to win a 25 euro voucher for Albert Heyn? Make an appointment as quick as you can and make sure all your neighbours on your acces balcony do the same. Is your acces balcony the first with all families with appointments? You and your neighbours win!

Get started!

You can already get started to save energy. It isn't hard and it doesn't cost you any money. Get inspired and take a look at "What can you do to save energy".

The visit of the Energyconciërge is for your own benefit

Check your energy consumption together and start saving!
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Now that the renovation of the flats has finished, you can start saving! This is a lot easier now that the flats are insulated. But you also have to get started yourself!

The Energyconciërge is there for you. He of she explains how you can save energy at home and thus save money. So take this chance and make an appointment right away.

The Energyconciërge helps you for free and is independent. Using less energy means paying less money!